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State Championships

2019 West TN / Mississippi USSSA and Global State Championships

For the 2019 season, teams will have multiple opportunities to fulfill their obligation of playing in the State Championship in order to remain eligible to play in a 2019 USSSA and/or Global Sports World Series.

Along with the West TN and MS State Championships, we will be offering Global State Championships earlier in the 2019 season to help those teams that have a date conflict with the traditional State Championships. This will allow those teams to still be able to fulfill their requirement of playing a State Championship and being awarded State Championship points that are making plans to attend one of the earlier Global Sports World Series.

Teams choosing to do so, will be allowed to play in both the West TN or MS Global State Championship and the West TN or MS USSSA State Championship.

** Please note that the Global State Championships may have teams from other States participating. The USSSA State Championships are strickly limited to the teams from that respective State.

2019 State Championship Dates

May 31 - June 2, 2019 - West Tennessee USSSA Global State Championships

May 31 - June 2, 2019 - Central Mississippi USSSA Global State Championships

June 7-9, 2019 -North Mississippi USSSA Global State Championships

June 21-23, 2019 - Mississippi USSSA State Championships

June 21-23, 2019 - West Tennessee USSSA State Championships

How To Enter

To enter the West TN and Mississippi or South MS USSSA State Championships or Global State Championships teams must have played in four (4) USSSA qualifying events. This includes any State Qualifier, NIT, Super NIT or Global World Series Qualifying tournament. Participation in four of any of these events qualifies any West Tennessee or Mississippi team for their respective State Championship no matter of their finish in those four events. If teams are not able to complete four (4) USSSA events during a given season, then in order to play in the State Championship, they must enter in the division of the highest classification in their age group. Special Note: The four event policy does not apply to USSSA League Allstar teams entering the USSSA Allstar State Championship.

Entering the State Championship:

  1. With your login and password log into the USSSA NATIONAL SITE at
  2. Select your Team's age, Classification, State and Stature (State or Global State) under the Quick Event Search section.
  3. Select Enter.

No further documentation will be required to be sent in order to enter the event. The entry, along with the roster will be sent automatically to the State Office upon completion of the steps above.