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USSSA Team Page & Roster Manager

All USSSA registered teams are required to create a team page and to enter and manage their rosters online.  First create a team page and receive a log in ID and password.  Once completed, log on any time to create and then manage your roster and your player statistics.

Click here to create a USSSA team page

Do not use this if your team is already registered for the current season - Click on the lost ID and password link below or contact the State Office

USSSA Roster Manager

The USSSA roster manager allows teams to manage their rosters before and after freezing due to qualification. Before qualification (roster is not frozen) the manager adds all players to his roster.  Any time changes are made before qualification, simply add or delete the players on the roster with those changes. Make sure before each qualifying tournament, that your roster is current and updated with the players that will be playing with you in that qualifying event. Print out and present to the tournament director in each qualifying event that you play in.

Once qualified, the roster will be frozen by the State Director upon receiving the Sanction report stating so.  Once frozen, roster manager will track the adds and deletions from your roster, not to exceed three adds and/or three drops up to 72 hours before the World Series begins.

If by chance, the same player appears on two frozen rosters, roster manager will immediately email both managers and the State Director alerting all parties to the potential problem. West Tennessee / Mississippi baseball will protect a league roster before it protects a USSSA frozen roster.  Therefore, if you have picked up players that subsequently qualify for USSSA post-season play with their league teams, the league team has the first option of dropping that player from their roster and allowing that player to stay on the USSSA frozen roster, or forcing the team that picked up the player to drop that player from their roster.  Those additions or deletions will count towards adds and/or drops to the maximum of three.

Any team that does not have their roster entered online, will not be allowed to play in any USSSA Event or receive any points, power ratings, State / World Series berths, etc.