Any team that participates as a league team in a drafted league that is registered with USSSA is eligible. This team must meet all of the criteria for being an allstar team with their league as well as with USSSA. To participate in this program the following conditions must be met. 

  1. All-Star teams may be chosen by any method.
  2. Leagues may have multiple All-Star teams in any age division.
  3. The League President (or Highest Officer) shall submit an official roster to the State Director for approval.
  4. Only State Directors shall register and enter an Official Online Roster for All-Star teams.
  5. National All-Star Division:
  • All-Star team players shall not have participated on a team of higher classification than AA (i.e.; AAA, Major) after January 1st of the current year. Any player that has participated on a AAA or Major team after January 1st of the current year is ineligible for National All-Star Division play but may be eligible for American All-Star Division play pursuant to these rules.
  • All-Star teams shall have no more than three (3) players on their roster that have participated on a AA team after April 1st.
  • All-Star teams shall not begin playing together as a team before Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is defined as starting at 12:00 P.M., the calendar Friday before Memorial Day as observed by the United States Federal Government.