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League Affiliation Information


“More Kids Playing More Baseball”, this is the USSSA Baseball slogan.  USSSA baseball is a program designed to allow your league to offer programs that fit the level of play of each team in your organization.  USSSA offers single age division play and four classes of play within most ages.  Every division and class is offered post-season play that extends to a State level Championship at a minimum.  Most age/class divisions are offered post-season opportunities that extend to the National level.  All of these programs are as advertised, “opportunities” or “options” that can be taken advantage of or not, but no longer will any team not have a place to play.

The USSSA process involves registering teams and then presenting those teams with opportunities created by the league itself, and/or opportunities provided by a host of other USSSA affiliated leagues and tournament hosts.  Once a team is registered, they can play in as many sanctioned events as they choose to.  The team registration is good through the entire baseball year (August 1st – July 31st).

Opportunity for kids is not where your affiliation with West Tennessee / Mississippi USSSA Baseball will stop.  You’re affiliation provides your league the opportunity to be involved in programs that address the “secondary” aspects of your league that are important, but overlooked.  “Covering All the Bases” is a public awareness program dealing with Sportsmanship, Parental Accountability and Umpire Education.  Every league can benefit from increased exposure to these three vital concepts.  Without any of the three, your league is second rate at best, but they are often over-looked and taken for granted.  Implementation of this program, and dealing with these vital functions, will no doubt help to make your organization a better and more enjoyable place to play.

League Affiliation

League affiliation involves filling out the “League Information Form” , registering your teams, and posting your league results into the USSSA National computer.

The League Information Form gives USSSA the contact information necessary when issues arise that regard you.  It also contains information that allows USSSA to plan and structure the upcoming season.

Leagues register teams by filling out the registration template (see illustration).  Every registered team receives a log in ID and Password to log into the USSSA computer to their specific team site.  At the team site, manager’s can enter their rosters, view rankings, search for tournaments, post player statistics and email messages to players about day-to-day team business.  Once a manager receives a log in ID and Password, he retains that for life and can easily access his home page to register a new team year after year.

Each affiliated league designates an individual to serve as “Area Director” for the league.  This individual will receive a special log in ID and Password to log into the USSSA computer and handle certain league functions, including setting up the league and/or tournaments and posting results of those league or tournament games into the computer.  The “Area Director” will also be a point of contact for the State office when issues or questions arise concerning the league.

USSSA Baseball Registration Template


Below are the fees associated with sanctioning a league or tournament with USSSA:  

League Sanction Fees

(4-99 Teams)

$25.00 per team in the league.

(100 Teams and up)

$20.00 per team in the league

Optional (Only if your league decides to host a USSSA sanctioned qualifying tournament)

State Qualifying Tournament Fees

$75.00 Sanction Fee plus

$40.00 per team in the tournament (2 - 9 teams) or

$30.00 per team in the tournament (10 - 19 teams) or

$20.00 per team in the tournament (20 teams and above).

NIT / Global WS Qualifier Tournament Fees

$750.00 Bid Fee

$75.00 Sanction Fee + $20.00 per team in the tournament


Area Directors Site on the USSSA National Computer

Affiliated leagues are encouraged to host at least one tournament during the season.  It may be a pre-season tournament or post-season tournament that is closed to the league, or may be a tournament open for registration from teams around the state.  Either way, it a) qualifies additional teams for post-season play and b) enables you as a league to re-coup your registration fees several times over.

One of the objectives of the USSSA structure of play is to get more of your teams playing more baseball (and more post-season baseball) and make it financially rewarding for you as a league to do so.

Dual Sanctioning with USSSA

If your league is currently sanctioned with another organization and is satisfied with that affiliation, West Tennessee / Mississippi encourages leagues to dual sanction with USSSA. You would continue to organize your league the same way as you have in the past. You would select your Allstars and send them to your present affiliation’s post season events. No longer will your league just offer post season play to the top 12 players of an age group, you have now opened your program to give this opportunity to more players. By dual sanctioning you are now creating an opportunity for additional teams from your league to form and participate in post-season play with teams of equal caliber. “More Kids Playing More Baseball”

League Qualifying

Taking league play to a new level.  Once your league teams are registered, your league representative can set up the league season in the USSSA computer.  Game scores are entered for all games played and teams can monitor the progress of the season online.  All teams receive a USSSA power rating which ranks them along with all other teams in their age and class in the State and country.  Your top league teams qualify for post-season play and are rewarded now for having a good season.

USSSA Rosters and Qualifying

All USSSA registered teams enter their rosters online in the USSSA computer through their team home page.  When a team actually qualifies for post-season play (the West Tennessee or Mississippi State Tournament or a USSSA National Championship or World Series), their team roster is frozen.  Once a roster is frozen, the players listed on that roster cannot be added to a roster of any other registered team.  When a roster is frozen, from that point, teams can make up to three additions and/or make up to three deletions to their roster, up to 72 hours before whatever USSSA national event they are attending begins.  The USSSA computer tracks every move that is made to every registered team and counts the number of moves a team makes after their roster has been frozen.

How are League Teams Classified?

Every team in a single league may be registered as a Class A team.  If leagues opt to form All-Star teams at the end of the regular season, those teams will then be registered as a new team and then placed in the All-Star classification.

Larger leagues that choose to pre-select teams of a higher caliber, must classify those teams as either Class A or AA before the start of the season.  Leagues designate the higher caliber players to the AA teams through whatever evaluation process they choose.  “All-Star” teams from Class A, re-registered and go to All-Star Classification and “All-Star” teams from Class AA re-register and go to Class AAA.

The Class A and AA programs are primarily two levels of recreation baseball.  From time to time, teams may prove themselves in higher classification tournaments and the league may need to move the team to that higher classification.

USSSA gives you the flexibility to form your league with opportunities for teams to participate in post season play that best suites your needs.

Classification of Players

Players may still be eligible to play with a league All-Star team and be on a Major, AAA, AA team that participates in tournament play during the season. Participation on tournament teams does not disqualify players from still being eligible to play in league play.

Qualifying for the All Star State and World Series Tournaments

USSSA now offers two divisions of post season play for Drafted League All Star teams.

National Division: Any team that participates as a league team in a drafted league that is registered with USSSA is eligible. This team must meet all of the criteria for being an allstar team with their league as well as with USSSA. To participate in this program the following conditions must be met. 

  1. Teams will qualify through their approved Drafted League.
  2. All of your participants must have played in your Drafted League program.
  3. You can not have any players who have played on a travel team after January 1 of the current season.
  4. You can not have started playing in tournaments (any association) as an All Star team before the Memorial Day weekend.
  5. You must register 100% of your league.
  6. Leagues must submit a copy of their rules, by-laws and schedules to the state coordinator.
  7. Players must play in at least 75% of their teams scheduled league games.
  8. All Star teams may be chosen by any method approved by the local league.
  9. Leagues may have more than one All Star team in each division and age group.
  10. Drafted leagues can not have returning teams (league teams that are not subjected to the draft) that participate in the All Star National Division.
  11. Leagues must have an approved drafting procedure. A maximum of 3 protected players are allowed on each drafted team.
  12. Only State Directors can enter / create All Star teams and enter rosters online.
  13. The league administrator must submit a signed copy of the roster to the state coordinator. The state coordinator must approve the All Star roster for the team to be official.
  14. A league must have an 8 game schedule.

American Division: Any team that is from an approved drafted league that is sanctioned with USSSA and does not meet any of the requirements listed above may still participate in the All Star Division, but they must participate in the American Division. Teams in this division are not limited in how many tournaments they participate in. They may also have players who have played on travel teams (AA, AAA or Major) throughout the year. The following conditions must still be met.

  1. Teams will qualify through their approved Drafted League.
  2. All of your participants must have played in your Drafted League program.
  3. Leagues must submit a copy of their rules, by-laws and schedules to the state coordinator for approval.
  4. All Star teams may be chosen by any method approved by the local league.
  5. Leagues may have more than one All Star team in each division and age group.
  6. Only State Directors can enter / create All Star teams and enter rosters online.
  7. The league administrator must submit a signed copy of the roster to the state coordinator. The state coordinator must approve the roster for the team to be official.

The USSSA Power Rating

The USSSA Power Rating system is much like the College BCS system of ranking teams.  The Power Rating system, takes into account the strength of the teams played and the scores of those games to rank every registered team in their age and class.  The development of this system has been so positive, that it is likely that in a short time, the Power Rating system will be responsible for determining the classification of all USSSA registered teams.

West Tennessee / Mississippi USSSA Online (www.midsouthusssa.com)

West Tennessee / Mississippi USSSA Baseball provides you and your league participants with a State website that is kept up to date with all of the pertinent information for West Tennessee and Mississippi teams participating in USSSA Baseball.  The website at www.midsouthusssa.com will help you to answer the many questions that may come your way with a transition to a new format of play.  Team Manager provides all the details and instructions for any team to register with USSSA.  At Tournament Lookup, teams can search for any USSSA tournament in West Tennessee / Mississippi or the nation.  The Rankings section, allows managers, parents and players to stay abreast of where their team stand in relation the rest of the state and the country.  The State Tournament section gives all teams the information they need for State tournament play.  They can locate where, when and who to contact for their State tournament.  All the information and links to every World Series site is in the World Series section.  Information on Insurance, Umpires registration and development, baseball and the USSSA “Covering All the Bases” program is also located at this site.

All affiliated leagues are strongly advised to make sure that all managers and team parents know that this website exists and what information can be found on it.


USSSA Baseball offers the most comprehensive and complete insurance program for their teams. With USSSA Baseball now being the second largest youth baseball organization in the United States you can take advantage of the tremendous buying power that this offers. In most cases, with the league discounts, the reduction in insurance cost through USSSA more than pays for the sanctioning cost of the league. Team medical and liability available for all USSSA sports, League or Association officers and directors automatically covered for General Liability ($2,000,000 limit), flexible coverage $0 deductible or $250.00 deductible depending on budget.

Communication and Education of the League

For years, youth baseball organizations have operated in one way.  They have a regular season and then pick the all-star team, and the remainder of the league players have to wait until next year to play.  It doesn’t take long to realize that the USSSA structure of play provides greater opportunity for all players, but qualifying, rosters, classification, etc. are all questions that managers, parents and players will have as you switch your affiliation to USSSA.  Communication and Education are critical for you to make as smooth a transition as possible to USSSA.  Your greatest opportunity to educate changes is during your spring and fall registration.  All leagues are encouraged to prepare a list of Frequently Asked Questions (or something similar) to give to parents and managers during the registration period at the beginning of the season.  Use information enclosed herein, information posted at www.midsouthusssa.com or information based on personal experience to devise some kind of handout or information sheet that will be ready for distribution during registration in January and February.  Contact the West Tennessee / Mississippi USSSA State office for help in doing this if need be.

USSSA League Benefits (Summary) 

  • More Kids Playing More Baseball
  • Kids Playing on Their Level
  • Opportunity for Ages 5-18 in Single Age Groups
  • Gradual Increase in Field Dimensions
  • Flexibility to Control Your Local League
  • Teams Qualify for State Championships through League Play
  • Teams Qualify for World Series through League Play
  • Drafted Team and All Star State Championships
  • Drafted Team and All Star World Series
  • League Determines which Teams and How Many Teams Qualify
  • Discount on Team Insurance
  • Generate League Revenue
  • Umpire Training and Travel Program
  • Community Economic Impact
  • Playing Real Baseball
  • Be Part of the Fastest Growing League and Tournament Baseball Association (2nd in the World out of 27 Identifiable Associations)
  • Be Part of the Largest Tournament Network in the World
  • Be Part of the Largest Multi-Sport Association

Important Dates

Although Area Directors can post tournaments directly to the USSSA computer, NIT tournaments have associated paperwork that takes time to fill out, get signatures and turn in to the National office to post on the computer.  Plan any tournaments that you may want to host well in advance!  The most important reason for this is to allow teams several months to see the event and plan to play in it.

All affiliated leagues MUST have their league teams registered by May 15th.  Also, if your league is considered a qualifying event, those teams actually need to be registered and in the computer before your league play begins in order to get the league set up and game scores input during the season.

If your league is forming all-star teams, those teams need to be chosen, registered and have rosters online by June 15th.  In some cases this may mean choosing the all-star team before the regular season actually ends.  However, it is imperative that those teams be known and rosters set, so that other teams can adjust their rosters accordingly before they play in any post-season event.

If your league is interested in joining the fastest and most dynamic baseball organization in America, then fill out the forms at the links below and return to the state office immediately.

Click here for League Affiliation Information Form